Refund Policy


Our refund policy is transparent and all such cases are processed in a fair manner. In cases where a student/parent/guardian expresses their intention of not continuing with the program, and withdrawing their admission, they will have to submit their application in writing, stating the reason for seeking a refund. The date of submission of a written application for refund at will be considered for the purpose of calculation of the refund amount.


  • Registration Fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Fee paid towards Trials/Workshops/Short Term Programs is NOT refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

Fee Components

Before Batch Commencement

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 or Later

Registration Fee & Books Fee


Tuition Fee

Fully Refundable


90% Refundable 

80% Refundable

70% Refundable

60% Refundable


App Access Fee


All refunds shall be paid through Online Transfer only, in the name and to the account of the student/parent/guardian within reasonable time from the date of receipt of an application for withdrawal of admission.

NOTE: Matrusri shall not be held responsible and/or accountable for crediting refund money to the wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by the student/parent/ guardian.


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