Foundation & Olympiad Program For Classes 6,7 & 8

The Foundation & Olympiad Program lays a strong foundation for students who are aiming to ace the NTSE in class 10 and the Science and Math Olympiad exams in classes 8, 9 & 10. This program will also lay a strong foundation for all the competitive exams post their 10th and 12th Boards.

What do we cover?

The program covers Math, Science and Mental Ability. It strengthens the foundation in Maths & Science without mental stress and without burdening students with over 20 hours per week of rigorous training. The conceptual learning from the program helps students with their school board exams as well.

Personal Mentoring

Personal mentoring, which is a part of the program, ensures a great learning curve for each student. The students also benefit from the enriching interactions with their mentors, who would guide them in exploring the various career paths ahead for them on the basis of their interests.

Benefits of LearnAPP

The app tests your concept clarity at the end of each session and each chapter through a series of mini-tests, thereby throwing open any learning gaps that you may need to revisit before moving on to the next part of preparation. The app provides ample number of full-length tests, thereby exposing and preparing you to multi- conceptual questions.

Advanced functionality

The analytics will help you in identifying the areas that need improvement - be it a subject/chapter or a question type or time management. Through the analytics, you would be able to not just compare your past performance with present but also your performance vis-a-vis others. By using it wisely, you would be able to devise the strategy to ace your actual exam!

Be a part of a community

The app provides an avenue for collaborative learning through its Doubts Forum. On it, you can engage in peer learning - post a subject query or answer a query posted by your friend. While being able to answer others’ queries can build your confidence, having that helpful support from friends when you are in doubt can be invaluable!

Built for you!

The app allows you to create and edit multiple Study Lists. So you can now create your own study structures, whether you are preparing for your weekend exam or the NTSE exam, without having to browse through the entire program to spot the videos or ebooks or tests of interest.


Take tests, view in-app concept videos, and read relevant books all through our proprietary LearnAPP. Built with cutting-edge technology, it is your favorite learning companion. Stay one step ahead of your peers with detailed analytics and a 24x7 doubts forum. Download it now, to have a holistic learning experience.

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