Arvind Kapatkar

Arvind Kapatkar

Founder & Mentor

Mr. K.S. Arvind, Founder & Mentor, Matrusri, has initiated and pioneered the ongoing educational revolution. Matrusri has the mission of providing quality education at the doorstep of every school and child affordably. He is the founder of the IIT Foundation in India. He has to his credit a series of creative and innovative books for the IIT Foundation and he has also designed effective Visual-aided IIT Foundation classroom training which has made the IIT Foundation program successful and popular all over AP and India too. It has also made learning an experience of joy by making the subject come alive on the screen. The success of the program can be understood from the fact that in the past 7 years, on four occasions, the south-zone IIT first-rankers were from Matrusri. This is a highly creditable performance unmatched by any institute in India either at the state or the national level.

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